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[GreenYes] Re: Eco-Cycle support for bioplastics

At 02:04 PM 2/14/2006 -0700, Eric Lombardi wrote:
>Dear GreenYessers,
>The real reason I?m writing this is to ask you
>all, and your networks, to give the bioplastics
>industry some time to develop before we criticize them too heavily.


>The piece below is interesting (not great), and
>says that we need to be more supportive of Big
>Corporate Small Steps. Well, maybe? but in the
>case of NW, they took a big step in building
>that Nebraska PLA production facility ($300
>million, or something like that). Their product
>isn?t perfect, but I?m convinced it?s a good
>step toward a carbohydrate economy.

This is a tough issue, philosophically and
practically. As someone who has been a corporate
greenwasher as well as an on-the-edge activist
(at least by Delaware standards) I think
activists are often in a no-win situation. How
can one distinguish the greenwashing motivation
from the
experimenting-with-change-motivation. Does it
matter? With "business" reporters usually
regurgitating corporate press releases, doesn't
somebody need to inject a cautionary note? But
we don't want to be perceived as the "oppose
everything" people.... Do we gain or lose
influence by taking a position? Sometimes the best thing to say is nothing.

I personally feel the US agricultural system is
so profoundly unsustainable that it's hard to get
excited about bio-fuels and bio-polymers. If
there is a significant market segment for crops
that don't have to make a pretence of being
edible by man or beast, with practices get even worse......?


Alan Muller, Executive Director
Green Delaware
Box 69
Port Penn, DE 19731 USA
fax (302)836-3005

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