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[GreenYes] Defense of Recycling
In most states, the recycling statistics speak for themselves and need little 
defending. Sometimes the "defense" hurts the cause because responses to many 
of the anti-recycling pieces that have appeared in the New York Times and 
other places  in recent years have been somewhat shrill, with a heavy 
dependence on "feelings" without facts.

The economics of recycling have changed dramatically since 1998, particularly 
on the municipal level.  Here, mayors and city councils are facing tight 
budgets and dwindling revenues--compared to surpluses they enjoyed spending 
four years ago.  Now, local politicians are having to decide between such 
services as recycling, police, public parks, libraries.  Which service cuts 
impact the voters most?

Defenders of recycling in New York City are 100% right on in their arguments 
that the service should not be cut for a variety of reasons.  The defenders 
are mute though, in suggesting where New York City budget cuts should be made 
in order to save parts of the city's recycling program.  "Cut somewhere else" 
is not a credible argument in saving a recycling program...or any other 
public program.

In bad economic times the basics should be preserved and the fat trimmed 
back.  I think recycling is a basic service that should be preserved.  We 
never hear about cutting back waste disposal programs that involve 

Something to think about hopefully!

John Waddell
KJWB Publications/Refuse News 
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