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Re: [GreenYes] Defense of Recycling

> Defenders of recycling in New York City are 100% right on in their
> that the service should not be cut for a variety of reasons.  The
> are mute though, in suggesting where New York City budget cuts should be
> in order to save parts of the city's recycling program.  "Cut somewhere
> is not a credible argument in saving a recycling program...or any other
> public program.

I disagree.  In fact, we put together a very thoughtful report on
alternative cuts, identifying approx. $35 million in short term savings, all
of which were related to different aspects of Sanitation Dept. operations.
We recognized early on that we couldn't compete with advocates trying to
preserve library hours or senior center operations, so we were solely
focused on alternative cuts that could be made in the DOS budget.

To view the report, go to

Steve Hammer

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