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Re: [GreenYes] A Back-To-The -Land Bin, A Problem Bin, A Recyclables Bin
From my perspective you did not explain yourself
"badly".  I think the importance of a "word" and it's how it is understood and what actions are
produced.  I your case, as far as I can tell, your
family understands the meaning and is taking positive
action using that word.

A problem is only a problem as long as there is no
solution (action) found.  So if the intent of the word
is empty (lacking in action) You do have a "problem"
:)..."understanding" the use (intent) of the word, to
me, is more important than its defintion.
The power of a word has more to do with the collective
undestanding of that word, not so much what it's
defintion is....take the example of "Cool" in the US.

Seattle, Wa 

--- Annie Kavanagh <>
> A number of people have kindly responded to my email
> on bins.......
> I am sorry that I explained myself so badly - my
> interest was in considering
> the impact of NAMING a three bin system a
> "back-to-the-land" bin, a
> "recyclables" bin(s) and a "problem" bin.

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