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Re: [GreenYes] another question of language
Waste Not wrote:
> Since there have been musings today about the use of language ("problem
> bins") I thought that I'd canvass the list on this issue.
> I find it very appropriate that the English word "waste" should have two
> quite distinct but related meanings - "rubbish" and "to use in a profligate
> manner."  It must say something about the culture in which the meanings
> evolved that the same word is used for both.  

Out here, we are also concerned about people using the term "dirt" for
Mother Earth herself!!

What do people think about doing something to address this important
issue of the word waste? my limited thoughts have come up with concepts,
rather than words, like "lost resources" and similar... it would be nice
to get this one right, for as we think and speak, so we do!

regards to all

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