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[GreenYes] FW: Recycling Radioactive Metals
> In the latest Tom Paine there is an article on the DOEs cancellation of a
> contract that would have moved the nation closer to "recycling"
> radioactive metals left over from nuclear weapons production. Although
> I'll be the first to admit I'm somewhat naive on this subject (but getting
> smarter), I'd like to see some more positive feed back about what is
> technically possible regarding getting such materials into the recycling
> infrastructure without sacrificing health and welfare instead of just
> sweeping our dirty laundry under the carpet (if you'll pardon the
> malapropism).
> Thanks.
> Bruce Maine
> Research Director
> Sustainable Design Services
> Market Development
> Nebraska State Recycling Association
> HDR Architecture
> 402.399.1198
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