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Re: [GreenYes] Environmental Group Funding wrote:
> I find it interesting and would welcome a dialogue on why it is in certain
> instances that environmental groups accept funding from the very people they
> claim are polluters.  

*laughs* we have a similar situation here - the South Africa Endangered
Wildlife Trust (EWT) has come out in support of one of their funders
around proposals to build a "new" breed of nuclear reactors - they are
the only environmental organisation, to my knowledge, in the world, to
have done so...

just for guidance - although Earthlife Africa has been around for nearly
14 years, we have a very simple funding process - we cannot accept more
than R2000 (just over US$200) from a funder, without the approval of the
majority of our branches - even though we have visited this issue
regularly at our annual congresses, we have still kept that level - and
should a potentil funder approach us, we research them, so we know if
they are polluters or not, and if so, simply refuse...

regards to all...


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