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[GreenYes] Neighbor-to-neighbor composting promotion?
We are piloting a "Neighbor to Neighbor (N2N) Composting Promotion Program" 
for which we are training "block leaders" to serve as local composting 
information resource people in their neighborhoods. This involves conducting 
a spring and fall "open house" or composting party during which neighbors can 
come, ask questions, see how it's done and even buy a composter or get some 
help with making one. So far, it's going very well. 

Has anyone out there conducted a program like this? What materials do you 
give the  participants? So far, we offer the usual brochures, videos, and 
factsheets, as well as a little sign with the N2N logo and a sticker. We're 
offering a master composter field trip and web-based support, too.

I could use a poster that shows the process--does anyone have one? I've lost 
the one from Minnesota.

Thanks in advance.
Carol Steinfeld
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