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[Fwd: [GreenYes] NSDA Sponsorship of America Recycles Day - anecdote]

My thoughts on the NSDA---
I recalled meeting a young Jeff Foote at a Virginia Recycling Association conference in 1992 or 1993.
I was a brash young recycler at that time and in one of the workgroup sessions led by Jeff, I asked innocently
why there wasn't a national container deposit law to encourage greater incentive to recycle?

I meant it?  Why wasn't there?
Well I had no idea that I had just tugged on Superman's cape and spit into the wind.
It was kind of mortifying that I had asked the point person for the NSDA to justify a policy issue.

A few well seasoned recyclers took me aside and told me that the question I asked just wasn't the kind of thing
that was done
at a recycling workshop....especially one where the NSDA had plunked down sponsorship dollars.

Well I bounced around in the world of recycling policy for several more years before moving on to green
building issues at the late EcoSmart
in New York.

Now I am at Pace Law School in White Plains where I am studying environmental law.

Its never too late to teach an old dog some new tricks.

Ben Marks
1L at Pace Law

Pat Franklin wrote:

> My thoughts on the NSDA sponsorship of ARD . . . . .
> With America Recycles Day (ARD) 2001 behind us, and the prospect of
> yet another year of declining recycling rates for glass, aluminum and
> plastic beverage containers, I find it appalling that the National Soft Drink
> (NSDA) was, again this year, one of the twelve major sponsors of ARD.
> The NSDA is the trade association representing the nation's two major
> soft drink  manufacturers, Coke and Pepsi as well as smaller soda companies
> and bottlers. While we, as a nation, trash 45 billion soda cans and bottles
> annually, Coke, Pepsi and the NSDA spend hundreds of thousands of
> dollars each year to oppose new and expanded bottle bills, the only proven
> system that can stop the waste associated with their throwaway cans and
> bottles.   And, they continue to work feverishly to defeat existing bottle
> bills
> that are responsible for the lions share of beverage container that do get
> recycled.
> Until the NSDA stops their war on bottle bills they should not be a
> sponsor of America Recycles Day.
> Pat Franklin
> Exec Dir
> Container Recycling Institute
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Interestingly, we received the following press release last night from the
> Local
> Government & Shires Associations of New South Wales, Australia.  It seems
> they, too, have a beef with the beverage industry.
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> (14 November 2001, Sydney, Australia) -- National Recycling Week
> provides a good opportunity to consider the environmental, social
> and economic value of recycling, according to the Local Government
> and Shires Associations of NSW (LGSA).
> "Every year during National Recycling Week the beverage and packaging
> industry feed us selective information. It is time the public was made
> aware of all the facts about the industry," said Cr Peter Woods OAM,
> President of the Local Government Association of NSW.
> "The beverage and packaging industry produces massive quantities of
> worthless single use containers and generates substantial profits which
> they use to pad the campaign coffers of the major political parties.
> "Meanwhile, they urge the public to 'do the right thing' by recycling these
> unnecessary containers and councils are left with problem of picking up
> worthless materials which cannot be economically recycled. It is time to
> pull the plug on this sham," said Cr Woods.
> Cr Mike Montgomery, President of the Shires Association of NSW,
> stated that rural councils are under huge pressure from the State
> Government and industry, through the 'National Packaging Covenant', to
> get involved in kerbside recycling.
> "The fact is, kerbside collection is even less viable in regional areas,
> due to the huge distances involved in collection of the materials and
> dispatching them to markets, limited as they are. Kerbside collection
> will simply milk the already battling rural sector even further."
> Crs Woods and Montgomery have called a meeting of all mayors on
> Wednesday 21 November.
> "Councils across NSW, rural and metro, are united in their call for
> action," said Cr Montgomery.
> "We shall be seeking absolute assurances from industry that it will ensure
> the economic, environmental and social sustainability of recycling. We also
> seek a commitment from Bob Carr's government that the CDL Inquiry Report
> will be released and duly considered. Without these assurances, kerbside
> recycling may well grind to a halt as contracts come up for renewal,"
> concluded Cr Montgomery.
>                                  # # #
> Pat Franklin
> Executive Director
> Container Recycling Institute
> 1911 Ft Myer Drive, Suite 702
> Arlington, Virginia  22209
> 703.276.9800  fax 703.276.9587
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