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[GreenYes] Re: clean recycling

Title: [GreenYes] Re: clean recycling

I think that is a good idea for any recycling centres to work on with
manufacturers of equipment for cleaning.

I was thinking along this line while I was hanging out my clothes to
dry.  Washing machines are now produced with higher revolutions.  That
means that most clothes come out drier than before.  So, instead of
throwing them in a dryer, it would a good idea to incorporate a drying
corner where all heat source from the home can be channeled there to
dry clothes.

So, companies who manufacture dryers can work with companies that
install machineries that produce heat to consider investing in
incorporating a common dryer system in residential buildings so that
all residents can share the same source of heat (like from
air-conditioning) to dry clothes.  Maintaining this system should
provide a source of revenue for it to run.


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