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[GreenYes] Re: German Greens, CAW shilling for incineration industry?

At 09:30 PM 8/7/2008 -0700, Helen Spiegelman wrote:
Hi ~

Our regional government just issued a 4-part TV clip series to brainwash the public about their new "no landfill" waste strategy. It featured comments from a person identified as a "top advisor" to the German Green Party, Dr. Michael Weltzin, testifying for the WTE alternative.

Googling him, I found that he was on a bizarre sounding junket this spring organized by an "advanced thermal treatment" company, along with CAW's Director of Legal and Regulatory Affairs.

Is there a story here?


Hi Helen.

From what I say on the links this was an ordinary incineration-promotion junket. 

Not knowing any of the details, or the politics, behind it, I'd not assume that because Scott Smithline of CAW went along, he's necessarily on board with a burner scam.  It does illustrate how just going on such a junket can create problems.  On the other hand, there is value in having a knowledgeable, independent person along to keep track of the misrepresentations and perhaps inform the naive.

For sure there is a story here!  But what, exactly, is it?


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