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[GreenYes] Re: Citizen Advisory Committee

At 12:41 PM 3/5/2007 -0800, Colleen wrote:

>My organization is working with our County, local city officials and
>others to collaboratively create a County-Wide Solid Waste Managment
>Plan. We would like to clearly lay out the roles and responsibilities
>of both the crafters (the collaborators, including the County) and the
>implementers (the County Commissioners) regarding the plan. It looks
>as if there is no statute or law giving the County the right to
>designate/convene such an institutionalized group (a Citizens Advisory
>Committee) whose recommendations would be implemented. The County is
>in support of this project; they have funded the process described
>above, but the collaborators are interested in clearly stating rights
>and roles.
>What sort of document might be appropriate to dictate roles and
>responsibilities, ensuring that the recommendations of the committee
>will be implemented by the County, whenever appropriate, if we are not
>able to form a legally/technically defined Citizens Advisory Committee?

Seems to me that setting up an advisory committee to make
recommendations is an ordinary, customary thing typically done by
resolution or ordinance or bill. I doubt the Commissioners need any
special authority to do that.

But are you saying you want the County Commissioners to agree in
advance to implement whatever the "Citizens Advisory Committee" recommends?

This sort of thing sometimes does happen, but (I'm no lawyer, not
giving legal advice!) I think it would be unusual and subject to
challenge because it would amount to the Commissioners delegating
their authority to another body.



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