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[GreenYes] Next Certified ZERI Systems Designer Training starts 3/18 in NY

Apologies for Cross-Postings

You are invited to participate in a unique and empowering educational opportunity; the ZERI Training Program. This is the first time offered on the east coast.

The ZERI Training Program is designed to provide a deep understanding of systems thinking, knowledge of the Five Kingdoms of Nature, information about innovative technologies for implementing ZERI systems, introduction to the ZERI methodology, and development
of skills for implementing projects. The goal is to expand the pool of inspired, energetic ZERI-trained and certified individuals who can apply the ZERI principles and methodology in their communities and in their work.

ZERI stands for Zero Emissions Research and Initiatives. Zero Emissions means zero waste?zero pollution. Research is about learning: finding appropriate technologies to meet people's needs in a smarter way - in a way that reinforces natural systems rather than
depleting natural resources. And initiatives are action: real projects and real developments within communities and within businesses that provide jobs and create wealth by imitating natural systems and using waste as resource.

Building on the sciences of Biology, Chemistry, and Physics, ZERI recognizes that whatever is waste for a species of one kingdom of Nature is a nutrient for a living organism in another kingdom. Building systems to eliminate waste, ZERI promises a society of abundance
that meets the needs of all species.

ZERI was launched in 1994 at the United Nations University in Japan as a network of scientists committed to finding innovative and practical solutions based on sustainable natural systems. It has evolved into a network of hundreds of ZERI-trained practitioners who are undertaking more than 60 projects on five continents.

The ZERI Training Program is spread out over a six month period that includes a total of 12 days divided into three modules. The team of instructors includes ZERI founder, Gunter Pauli, and certified ZERI trainers Dick White, Michael O?Hara and others. The training is a concentrated and rigorous program that optimizes learning, interaction, and participation. Specific content
areas will include - but not be limited to - scientific, economic, environmental, and social issues.

Assignments that include reading, writing, and speaking will be required before the training, as well as during and after each module. The homework will be done independently as well as in small collaborative groups. Included in the course will be case studies of ZERI projects and at least one site visit to evaluate various projects within the context of the ZERI methodology.

Participants will be expected to be able to plan ZERI projects by the end of the course. For those who wish to become ZERI certified, post-training assignments will be required to maintain certification.

The dates have been chosen in order to accommodate teachers' schedules.The 3 course modules will be held:
March 18-19
June 26-30
August 14-18, 2006
Modules 1 & 2: Madden Outdoor Education Center, Kent Cliffs, NY.
Module 3: PNW BOCES, Yorktown Heights, NY.
For participants who wish to become ZERI certified, ALL THREE MODULES MUST be attended.

Tuition: Corporate: $3000, Individual: $2000, Teachers & Students: $1500 (for teachers, the course is recommended for 6 in-service credits). Some teachers & student scholarships may be

For more information contact:
Dorna Schroeter
Dick White

Gary Liss
Fax: 916-652-0485

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