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[GreenYes] Minnesota's policy on solid waste

The legacy of Minnesota as a leader on environmental issues is in

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) has released a draft of
the 2005 Solid Waste Policy Report (available at This policy report
is scheduled to be presented to the Minnesota Legislature in late
February 2006. The purpose of the report is to summarize the current
status of solid waste management in Minnesota, evaluate the
effectiveness of policies and goals, and make recommendations for
establishing and modifying new policies and programs.

Eureka Recycling believes the current draft of recommended policies
does not provide the direction necessary to significantly reduce waste
in Minnesota. Specifically, it focuses heavily on conserving and
increasing trash-burning capacity in Minnesota, while failing to offer
strong recycling and composting goals. We have submitted the attached
comments on the report (available upon request or at, urging the state to
enact policies that create a much stronger vision for Minnesota.

The short public comment period has closed. However, the MPCA and
Minnesota policy makers need to hear from people outside our state who
care about Minnesota's continued leadership on environmental issues,
specifically on recycling and composting. If it is important to you
that Minnesota adopts a policy direction on solid waste that includes
visionary waste reduction goals, please act immediately to make your
opinion heard.

Thank you,
Dianna Kennedy

Director of Communications
Eureka Recycling
2828 Kennedy Street NE
Minneapolis, MN 55406
612-623-3277 fax

Waste is preventable, not inevitable.

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