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[GreenYes] Article About Single Stream Benefits and Challenges

Since many on GreenYes are working with single stream recycling programs, I
wanted to let you know about my article that was just published in Resource
Recycling. If you haven't seen it, I've put a PDF of it on our website at
(If you get an error message, make sure you have the whole URL, including
any that goes to the second line - or e-mail me at susan@no.address
and I'll send it to you.)

It reports on the Single Stream Roundtable that Conservatree organized last
year in California. I think we had a terrific group of presenters who
discussed both what many appreciate that's working well about single stream
and also what problems many in the recycling system are dealing with because
of it.

I emphasize the need to make decisions based on the functioning of the whole
system and hope this article fosters more discussion of long-term planning
for the system.


Susan Kinsella
Executive Director
Phone - 415/561-6530
E-mail Fax - 509/756-6987
susan@no.address, seek@no.address

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