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[GreenYes] Corn

To add to the confusion about bio-based plastics, here¹s some info on corn
growing from the union of concerned scientists:

³George Pyle's highly readable new book on the corn industry will change the
way you see the Midwest landscape. A reporter and editor who specializes in
agricultural issues, Pyle came to see that corn production causes a number
of environmental and economic problems. His book explains how the growing of
corn affects our nation's soil and water quality, compromises the welfare of
livestock in factory farms, destabilizes countries that receive food aid
from the United States, and forces small-scale farmers out of business,
increasingly putting control in the hands of large corporations. To learn
more about why Pyle considers agricultural industrialization to be "a
monumentally bad idea" and about how our corn surplus impacts the world,
pick up his book, Raising Less Corn, More Hell: The Case for the Independent
Farm nd Against Industrial Food.²

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