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[GreenYes] thanks and congrats to the Zero Wasters of the World

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By Pete Fehrenbach

Woodwork squeaks and out come the geeks: All of a sudden, e-waste news is
busting out all over.

Wal-Mart, the modest chain of ma-and-pa five-and-dimes based in Arkansas, is
about to start selling a computer it developed in conjunction with Toshiba. It´s a laptop that
complies with Europe´s stringent hazardous-substance directive. And Wal-Mart
will be selling it at all of its U.S. stores. Despite being under no

obligation to do so.

The U.S. Postal Service has set

its sights on creating a national recycling program for cell

phones and computer printer cartridges and is looking for

partners to do it with.,aid,124769,00.asp

The National Solid Wastes Management Association has

revised its e-waste recycling policy and is now urging

manufacturers to take the lead.

In San Francisco, the city´s board of supervisors last

week officially called on the state of California to require

companies whose products contain toxic substances to foot

the bill for the disposal of those goods.

And a movement is afoot to develop a national

certification system for e-waste recyclers. (But you´ll have

to wait to read Waste News reporter Joe Truini´s story in

next week´s print edition for the lowdown on that.)

Did someone put something in the water? Or maybe there´s a

new virus humming through the wires? Is this not a

remarkable convergence of activity?

Two things I know

(I think): All of these moves bode well for the environment.

And none of them will come cheap.

But bottom line,

it´s about time. This is medicine we need to take. For all

we know, the current electronics boom will go on forever. So

we do have to start accounting for all of the real costs

we´re imposing on ourselves and the environment via our

mania for gadgets.

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