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[greenyes] Curbside recycling quantities and set-out rates

Dear Fellow GreenYes folk,

I am writing in search of information regarding curbside recycling quantities and set-out rates.

One of the four rural MD Counties our regional program serves is working on a study to consider expanding County services to include curbside trash, and possibly curbside recycling, collection.

For purposes of the study, weekly dual stream (containers & fiber) recycling collection is assumed. Currently the container type is assumed to be 18 gallon bins for containers & bundles for fiber.

As part of the study we are interested in reasonable assumptions for several parameters:

a.. Quantity (lbs) per household
b.. Set-out Rate (%)
At your earliest convenience, we are most interested in any readily available, real-world data you may have regarding quantity per household and set-out rate.

In addition, I welcome any insight regarding curbside recycling collection considerations, in general. Since the county would essentially be starting from scratch as far as curbside recycling, collection methods, frequency & container types are all available for consideration.

Currently for recycling, residents have access to 16 recycling drop-off stations (using 7 color-coded igloo-shaped receptacles for Mixed Metal Cans, ONP, Mags & mixed paper, Plastic 1& 2 bottles, & 3 colors of glass ... Cardboard, oil, antifreeze, scrap metal & textiles also are accepted at 5 transfer stations) and curbside recycling service available in two small towns, and by subscription, with a non-profit recycler. A neighboring county, and partner in our regional recycling program, provides curbsort collection by county forces.

Thank you.


James Wood
Recycling "Shore" Matters!

James Wood, Regional Coordinator
Midshore Regional Recycling Program
P.O. Box 56
Centreville, MD 21617

410-758-6606 Fax


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