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[greenyes] Saudi Oil

The Bush Family and the Saudis have a very close personal relationship going
way back. I believe there was at least one book written about this, there
have been articles about it, and the movie Fahrenheit 911 covered it as
well. I recommend reading "Confessions of an Economic Hitman" by John
Perkins. He discusses some of this, as well as the US tensions with Chavez
in Venezuela. I actually recommend the book to anyone interested in the
inside story and background of the growth of corporate powers in the world.

On 4/27/05 9:54 AM, "greenyes-digest-help@no.address"
<greenyes-digest-help@no.address> wrote:

> Headlines in Monday newspapers and on several web news services stated
> that President Bush was going to ask the Saudi crown prince to increase
> oil production, ostensibly to increase worldwide supply and thus lower
> prices. According to 2003 DOE statistics, the US imports about
> 1,700,000 bbl/day of crude oil from Saudi Arabia and 1,600,000,
> 1,500,000, 1,200,000 bbl/day from Mexico, Canada and Venezuela,
> respectively. Can anyone tell me why the same overture Bush made to the
> Saudis wouldn't be made to these other 3 oil exporting countries with
> whom we do a lot of business, all of which are in more politically
> stable areas of the world and certainly much closer to home? Based on
> an NPR report I heard, Saudi Arabia is already producing oil at their
> infrastructure's capacity, so it doesn't appear to be an available
> capacity issue.
> Wayne

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