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[greenyes] FW: Conversion Factors

Random load sampling would certainly be the best way to come up with a
local average for yard debris-derived mulch density. For the annual
Oregon Materials Recovery Survey, we provide the following conversion
factors to compost operators (who often lack scales) as a starting

Material density in pounds per cubic yard
Grass clippings 40-1500
Leaves 250-500
Loose Yard Debris 250
Compacted Yard Debris 640
Wood collected at landfills 250
Green Wood Chips 473
Dry Wood Chips 243
Cordwood 500
Christmas Trees 30

These figures were compiled from numerous local and national studies,
but were last updated two years ago.

Jay Donnaway
Sr. Solid Waste Policy Analyst
Oregon Dept of Environmental Quality
Land Quality Division
811 SW Sixth Avenue
Portland, OR 97204-1390
Fax: 229-6977

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