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[greenyes] Climate Disruption - Businesses Increasingly Concerned



U.S. businesses starting to see need for action on global warming
Scripps Howard News Service
April 26, 2005

- Feeling the heat on global warming, sentiment in U.S. business and
industry is beginning to shift in favor of action to address carbon dioxide
and other heat-trapping greenhouse gases.

U.S. companies already face restrictions on such emissions from their
overseas operations as a result of the Kyoto Protocol, the 124-nation
climate-change treaty that came into force this year.

At home, major corporations are under mounting pressure from shareholder
activists who want companies to assess the financial risks posed by climate
change and the likelihood of future restrictions on carbon emissions in the
United States.

President Bush pulled the United States out of the Kyoto treaty and remains
opposed to mandatory curbs on greenhouse gases, saying they are too
expensive for the U.S. economy. But more than two dozen states have moved to
fill in the void, adopting regulations and policies designed to discourage
emissions or encourage the use of renewable energy.

There is also a sense that by delaying action, U.S. companies will be left
behind in the competition for green energy and energy-efficient
technologies, business leaders said.

"Some companies feel that if we don't act soon in the United States, we may
be missing out on opportunities to innovate and to develop the technologies
that will address these problems in the future," said Steve Percy, former
chief executive officer of BP America.

"On top of that, I think there is a recognition on the part of some of these
leading companies that public opinion is slowly beginning to shift on these
issues," Percy said. "They want to be able to say in the future that they
were progressive on this issue."






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