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Re: [greenyes] buy remanufactured... Re: [greenyes] Epson

Sorry I¹m jumping in the conversation a bit late, but the best place to stay
abreast of a lot of these issues is ReCharger magazine. Go to
<> . There¹s a good amount of stuff on Epson and HP
in the archives -- their efforts to thwart remanufacturers, and
remanufacturers efforts to thwart OEMs, etc. As an example, check out
<> .

For some basics on the printer pricing schemes that OEMs play, go to
<> and
<>. There are no
dates on these articles and they are pretty basic, but they have some good
reference sites they link to as well.

As an aside, we did a study for a large teaching hospital complex a few
years ago. When they opted to use a cartridge and inkjet remanufacturer for
their printers and copy machines they cut their monthly procurement costs by
roughly $5,000! The remanufacturer they chose even did printer maintenance
and cleaning free of charge and warranteed product success. All that said, I
tried to contact that remanufacturer recently and they have been gobbled up
by a large conglomerate. I¹m now trying to find another company in our
region to recommend and do business with. To me, forget the savings, I think
the greatest virtue is doing business with local companies.

Hope this is helpful.


David Biddle, Executive Director

P.O. Box 4037
Philadelphia, PA 19118
215-432-8225 (mobile)


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