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[greenyes] buy remanufactured... Re: [greenyes] Epson

That would be my guess as well - that they want to keep their cartridges away
from the remanufacturers. Personally I'd encourage folks to stay away from
Lexmark (the "prebate" issue) and Epson Printers Period.

This has been an ongoing discussion for some time now and I'm happy to see that
folks are contacting Epson for clarification and complaints regarding
their "program".

I also hope you will consider putting your purchasing dollars (and saving money
on a quality product at the same time) in the right direction.

Please consider purchasing remanufactured cartridges from local vendors or from
us. I'd be happy to send out pricing or more information, If anyone needs more
information please contact me.

We are an office supply company which ONLY sells recycled and remanufactured
office products.

Thank you,
Steve Weisser
GreenLine Paper Co

Quoting Amy Perlmutter <amyperl@no.address>:

> There is no technical reason why epson can¹t remanufacture their cartridges.
> My guess is they want to incinerate them because they don¹t want a third
> party remanufacturing them and taking business away from them. I haven¹t
> gotten to write them yet, but, for those that do, remember that the FTC
> language on recycling (unless his has changed) precludes the use of the word
> recycling for incineration. (see
>, see page 11, letter d,and also
> example 3 ).
> Amy Perlmutter Perlmutter Associates 23 Avon Street Cambridge, MA 02138
> 617-354-5456

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