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Re: [greenyes] buy remanufactured... Re: [greenyes] Epson

Appreciate the information and the endorsement of remanufactured toners.
Occasionally when I talk to folks about remanufactured they're uncomforatable
because they've had a bad experience with certain brands when they first came
out. As with any product, some brands are better than others, and over-all
quality has come a long way with any brand.

I'd encourage folks who have once tried remans and switched back to virgin
cartridges to give it another spin. While we do supply across the country, we
aren't too far from you here in York, PA and I'd like to get more information
out to you if you are interested.

We are a locally owned and operated green office supply company. The fact that
many of our long time customers have been purchasing remanufactured toners from
us and we have held government, bank, and local business contracts for a year
or longer is proof to folks that remanufactured toners save money, perform as
well or better than virgin cartridges, and are the right thing to do for the

Please let me know if I can be of any assistance.

Steve Weisser
GreenLine Paper Company
631 S Pine St
York, PA 17403

Quoting David Biddle <Dbiddle@no.address>:

> As an aside, we did a study for a large teaching hospital complex a few
> years ago. When they opted to use a cartridge and inkjet remanufacturer for
> their printers and copy machines they cut their monthly procurement costs by
> roughly $5,000! The remanufacturer they chose even did printer maintenance
> and cleaning free of charge and warranteed product success. All that said, I
> tried to contact that remanufacturer recently and they have been gobbled up
> by a large conglomerate. I¹m now trying to find another company in our
> region to recommend and do business with. To me, forget the savings, I think
> the greatest virtue is doing business with local companies.
> Hope this is helpful.
> DB
> David Biddle, Executive Director
> P.O. Box 4037
> Philadelphia, PA 19118
> 215-247-3090
> 215-432-8225 (mobile)
> Dbiddle@no.address

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