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[greenyes] Oct. 20 NYSAR Workshop - Before Going Single Stream Take Another look at Dual Stream

For more information call For Immediate Release
Mark Naef

NYSAR - New York State Association for Reduction, Reuse and Recycling
15th Annual Recycling Conference

Before going Single Stream Take Another look at Dual Stream

(Syracuse, NY) Wednesday, October 20 from 1 - 3 pm at the Holiday Inn, Electronics Parkway & 7th North there will be a workshop, "Before going Single Stream Take Another look at Dual Stream" as part of the 15th Annual Recycling Conference. To register, go to

This "not to be missed" workshop is geared for: haulers, municipal officials, private vendors municipal officials and individuals interested in the future of recycling. It takes a fresh look at dual stream recycling technologies.

This session will present findings from recent studies on collection, processing and re-manufacturing methods. Leading equipment manufacturers in the collection and processing field will present new dual stream technologies.

Presenters will speak for 20-25 minutes with 30 minutes at the end for Q & A.


Susan Hubbard, moderator - Past President of the National Recycling Coalition in Washington, DC and currently CEO of Eureka Recycling, Minneapolis, MN. She will speak about their 14 month study conducted by Eureka Recycling and the city of Saint Paul in preparation for significant capital investment in fleet and processing capacity.

They specifically looked at the cost, convenience and environmental impact (diversion) of several designs including source separated, dual stream in blue bins, dual stream in carts, single stream in carts and organics collection. She will report on their findings, final selection of program design and two years of operation since the study was completed.

Chrisitan La Pointe ,Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Labrie Equipment Limited, the 4th largest manufacturer of garbage collection equipment in North America . He will address recent innovations in the collection vehicle industry; specifically those intended for dual stream and single stream programs.

Many of the cost savings associated with single stream process actually have to do with newer, more efficient recycling trucks - those innovations hold true for dual stream, as well as, single stream vehicles.

Andrew Bell, Director of Sales and marketing at Sonoco Products Company, Hartsville, South Carolina. Sonoco manufactures 100 percent recycled content paperboard products, as well as tubes, cans and cores for the consumer and industrial markets. Sonoco owns mills in the U.S., Europe, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand.

As demand for recovered fiber increases, the U.S. paper recycling industry is faced with two significant challenges: increased demand from overseas markets, particularly China, and declines in the quality of materials recovered from curbside collection, especially single stream programs.

Mr. Bell will report on the recent study conducted by the American Forest and Paper Association that highlights how quality degradation impacts paper mills in the U.S. and what recyclers should consider before making radical changes to their municipal recycling programs.

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GW Associates
702 S. Beech
Syracuse, NY 13210

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