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[greenyes] Biodiesel 240z for sale

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> From: Josh Tickell <tickell@no.address>
> Date: Thu, 16 Sep 2004 12:31:58 -0700
> To: maillist@no.address
> Subject: [maillist] Veggie Car is For Sale!
> Dear Friends,
> I am on my way to go film Willie Nelson and the Farm Aid Concert
> ( in Seattle Washington for our upcoming
> documentary 'Fields of Fuel', but before I head out the door - I wanted
> to let you know about an exciting opportunity. The Veggie Car - the
> only 1971 240z Biodiesel powered sports car in the world - is finally
> For Sale on eBay!
> This car comes with its own domain name which
> you will own when you purchase the car. The combination of the domain
> and the car will drive people to your site. Or, if you prefer, use the
> car as your own personal biodiesel-powered sports car. We've included a
> lot of information on the eBay site so please have a close look and
> forward this exciting news to your friends.
> To view the sale click on the following link or paste it into your
> browser:
> Some important things about this sale
> 1) There is no reserve price. Meaning, the winning bidder takes home
> the car - no matter how low the price is
> 2) There is a 'buy it now' price of $20,000 and if somebody clicks on
> that, they will automatically buy the car.
> 3) This is the only Datsun 240z with a turbo diesel engine in the
> world. The engine has been completely restored, so has the car. Parts
> for the engine (which came from a Nissan Maxima) and for the car itself
> are available at Nissan Dealers and auto parts stores worldwide.
> 4) The car gets 44mpg and has a top speed of 120mph
> 5) We are forced to sell the car because of rising costs for our
> upcoming documentary film.
> Please read all of the information on the ad carefully.
> Thanks for taking the time to read this email and for being part of the
> biodiesel revolution!
> Best,
> Josh
> Josh Tickell
> Fields of Fuel
> "The Film that's Jumpstarting the Biodiesel Revolution"
> Tickell@no.address
> 8033 Sunset Blvd. #154
> Hollywood, CA 90046
> P.S. - I know a number of you are awaiting e-mail responses from me.
> Please hang on just a little longer - I am about to release some very
> big news, the development of which is taking substantial amounts of
> time and energy. I think you will be very, very excited to see what we
> are about to unveil.
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