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[greenyes] Where Is the Outrage?
Where is the outrage, indeed?  Fantastic writing, Peter - especially this paragraph:


"It is one thing for these terrible deceptions to occur.  That is bad enough for it shows rot in our democratic institutions.  But, if we as the informed public do not rise up and express outrage so that those things can be righted, then we can truly trace our inevitable decline as a functioning democratic society from our inaction today, all punctuated and wrapped in a ribbon by the Patriot Act."

It is becoming increasingly evident to me that socially and environmentally responsible behavior cannot be supported by the economy.  It is the sole mission of nearly all corporations to take natural resources, including thrid world labor, and turn them into money.  I applaud your tireless efforts to incite outrage.  I AM outraged and I'm not going to be quiet about it.


Camille Armantrout

Makawao, Hawaii

Peter Anderson <anderson@no.address> wrote:

Please note Sen. Lieberman's claim at the end of this article below that
EPA deliberately lied to a Senate Committee with regard to the effect of the
Administration's proposed New Source Review changes on pending lawsuits
against utilities which had upgraded their power plants without compliance
to new source standards.

Does anyone have any information that would provide facts to show


Peter Anderson

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