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[greenyes] Equitable CBD Billing for garbage and recycling
I am looking for cities that either collect garabge and recycling from their
central business district using dumpsters or manage the contract for those
services.  The City of Austin is looking specifically for methods of how to
fairly bill businesses that share dumpsters in the alley.  Any help would be
appreciated.  Below are the questions that are on the survey in case it
applies to you.  Thanks for any help!

Downtown Collection Services Survey

To whom it may concern:

The City of Austin's Solid Waste Services Department is interested in
finding out more information about how your city collects and bills for
dumpster services downtown.  If you could please answer the following
questions and email them back, it would be greatly appreciated.  If it is
more convenient, you may also print this out and fax it back to:
Attn:  Katherine Murray  fax:  (512) 974-9048

Name and phone of person completeing survey:

1).  Does your city provide dumpster service (or manage a contract) for the
downtown area?
2).  If your city does not provide dumpster service (or manage a contract)
for the downtown area, who provides these services?
3).  How many tenants are served in the downtown area?
4).  Are dumpster services provided for both residential and commercial in
the downtown area?
5).  What types of businesses operate in the downtown area, i.e. Office,
Bar, Restaurant?
6).  Frequency of dumpster collection in downtown area?
7).  a.  How are customers billed for downtown dumpster service?

      b.  Is there a standard billing format?

      c.  Who bills the customer?

8).  What size(s) dumpster is used?
9).  What are the dumpster fee(s)?
10).  Are recycling services provided downtown? If so, what is collected?
11).  Are dumpsters provided for recycling?
12).  How often is the downtown area serviced for recycling?
13).  Do you lock the recycling dumpsters?
14).  What types of issues do you experience with the downtown area and
service provider (if applicable)?

Thank you for your time, effort and consideration.

Katherine J. Murray
Ph:  (512) 974-9043
Fax:  (512) 974-9048

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