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[greenyes] The Other Side
I agree with all that emotions run high when discussing consumer choices.  
Look at the SUV debate.  Some who have spoken out against SUVs own or are 
transported in SUVs themselves and thus look foolish and hypocritical to the average 
consumer who may want an SUV because they want their families to be safe or 
desire the status that comes from owning one.

The United States, unfortunately, is increasingly becoming a "feeling" nation 
instead of a "thinking" one.  Waste in any form is stupid.  Most of us of a 
certain age were taught that from parents who lived through the Great 
Depression or World War II.   Cynics among us think sometimes that it will take another 
great calamity to drive home the point that overconsumption cannot be 
sustained.  We have not had that event or chain of events with which to teach our 
children wise consumption the hard way.

I agree wholeheartedly that each of us in the environmental community should 
walk the walk before we talk the talk.  It's the only way 
environmentalism--and more importantly to this listserv--zero waste is going to be taken 

Happy weekend all,

John Waddell
KJWB Publications Inc.
Refuse News

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