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RE: [greenyes] Sorry - as a general lurker
Helen --
	This is fascinating.  Is there a web site with details on all of this, or some other
means to get the details.  Thanks.
	-- Steve Bloom

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> From: Helen Spiegelman [mailto:hspie@no.address]
> Sent: Monday, April 14, 2003 8:43 AM
> To: greenyes@no.address
> Subject: RE: [greenyes] Sorry - as a general lurker
> Why are our Mayors and Councils willing to spend scarce public dollars to
> clean up after the Disposable Society?
> Where I live, Mayors and Councils put their collective feet down and
> insisted that the provincial government (British Columbia) pass regulations
> requiring the producers of specific household hazardous products (paint,
> thinners, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, lube oil) provide programs for their
> consumers at no cost to local governments. Today we don't have to budget
> scarce tax dollars for collectin of these materials -- or for glass
> beverage containers, which are included in our deposit/return program.
> Why should cities and towns pay for programs that could and should be
> provided by the producers, as a form of mandatory "extended warrantee"?
> Helen.
> At 01:56 PM 04/10/2003 -0500, George Dreckmann wrote:
> >ya gotta have a budget to afford to add most material.  Toxics demand
> >money to pay for proper disposal and most high volume materials demand an
> >increase in collection or [processing capacity.  So, while you often get
> >long term benefits, you have to put up some cash to get things
> >going.  And, with my budget at least, the Council and Mayor have to choose
> >between garbage and child care or some other needed social program when it
> >comes to new spending.

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