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RE: [greenyes] Sorry - as a general lurker
Why are our Mayors and Councils willing to spend scarce public dollars to clean up after the Disposable Society?

Where I live, Mayors and Councils put their collective feet down and insisted that the provincial government (British Columbia) pass regulations requiring the producers of specific household hazardous products (paint, thinners, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, lube oil) provide programs for their consumers at no cost to local governments. Today we don't have to budget scarce tax dollars for collectin of these materials -- or for glass beverage containers, which are included in our deposit/return program.

Why should cities and towns pay for programs that could and should be provided by the producers, as a form of mandatory "extended warrantee"?


At 01:56 PM 04/10/2003 -0500, George Dreckmann wrote:
ya gotta have a budget to afford to add most material. Toxics demand money to pay for proper disposal and most high volume materials demand an increase in collection or [processing capacity. So, while you often get long term benefits, you have to put up some cash to get things going. And, with my budget at least, the Council and Mayor have to choose between garbage and child care or some other needed social program when it comes to new spending.

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