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Re: [greenyes] Sorry - as a general lurker
Don't get discouraged, Troy.

The Superfund program was not entirely funded with tax dollars -- which is why corporations (including local governments, whose landfill sites comprise 20% of all sites on the National Priorities List) spent so much money on lawyers trying to beat the rap.

The way to do this is one product category at a time. Start with the toxic and high-volume products, and those that are easy to recycle. As one product sector is nailed, this will send a signal to those who are next in line, and they will begin to position themselves to prosper under the coming new rules. This is harnessing the spirit of competition.


At 12:16 PM 04/14/2003 -0400, Troy Glasner wrote:
Why should I be held accountable and pay for a corporations wasteful habits?
Through our tax dollars we fund super funds that end up cleaning up a
brownfield that gave us cheap products anyway - so no matter what happens -
we pay - its a matter of how we pay for it and who's responsibility it is in
the first place.


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