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[GreenYes] EPA Region 9 Funding Update
Please pass along to interested parties...apologies for cross postings.

                   2002-'03 Funding Request Format

                   Funding for Innovative Projects

                   EPA's Pacific Southwest regional office (Region 9)
receives numerous requests for funding. To
                   standardize the submission of project and funding
proposals, we are providing the following guidance
                   for submitting project ideas. Detailed solicitation
requests may also be announced as specific funding
                   opportunities arise.

                   EPA has requested that requesting proposals for
funding innovative projects should be submitted
                   before a September 23, 2002 deadline. These are
projects that pilot a new idea, promote an innovative
                   idea to encourage widespread use, or expand an
existing innovative project into a different sector or
                   geographic area. After September 23, 2002,
submissions will still be accepted, but funding for them
                   may not yet be available.


                   The following organizations are eligible: states,
federally-recognized tribes, not-for-profit 501(c)(3)
                   organizations, territories, multi-state/tribal
organizations; local governments, and universities located in
                   EPA Region 9 (California, Arizona, Nevada, and
Hawaii; U.S. territories in the Pacific (including
                   American Samoa and Guam), and Indian country within
these areas).

                   Funding Range

                   Funding is anticipated to range between $20,000 -
$65,000 per project, based on previous funding
                   levels. No matching funds are required.

                   Priority Areas

                   Waste reduction, recycling and composting (may target
specific commodities), energy recovery,
                    sustainable building, product stewardship,
environmentally preferable purchasing, environmental
                   protection through community redevelopment
(brownfields redevelopment, etc.), and building public
                   support for environmental stewardship. Innovative
proposals are strongly encouraged.

                   Funding Request Format (1 page limit/double-sided)

                        1. Applicant's (organization) name, primary
contact person, address, phone number, fax,
                        and e-mail address (if available).

                        2. Summary of project idea (1 paragraph).

                        3. Explanation of how the project ties in to one
or more priority areas listed above (1

                        4. Reason(s) project is innovative (1

                        5. Anticipated results in six months and two
years (1 paragraph).

                        6. Planned process to measure and evaluate
project (1 paragraph).

                        7. List of potential project partners.

                        8. Proposed funding level.

                   Please do not submit attachments.

                   Funding Request Submissions

                   Please submit funding requests for 2002/03, either by
e-mail (no attached files, please) to
         , or mail to:

                             Adrienne Priselac,
                             U.S. EPA Region 9
                             75 Hawthorne St.
                             San Francisco, CA 94105.

                   Mailed requests must be printed on recycled paper
with minimum of 30% postconsumer recycled
                   content and should be double-sided.

                   Funding requests will be accepted continuously, but
submissions made by September 23, 2002 will be
                   considered for EPA Office of Solid Waste and
Emergency Response Innovations funding
(  Multiple submissions may be made by a
single organization.

                   Organizations outside of EPA Region 9 should contact
the EPA Regional Innovations Work Group
                   contact listed on the Web site above. If you have any
questions or need additional information, please
                   contact Adrienne Priselac at (415) 972-3285 or

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