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Thanks for all the great feedback on William McDonough.  I have started
reading the articles and had the opportunity to pass information on him on
to a representative of Pepsi with whom I was communicating about recycling.

I teach middle school special education and work with students in the
resource room and in their classes.  I work a great deal with reading and
will try to filter in some of his readings into what we read when we work on
reading comprehension skills.

Does anyone have or know of a teacher or a school that has a copy of a
recycling plan?  Disgracefully, My school does not have one currently - or
at least one that isin practice.

Does anyone know if any places or stores still take and recycle batteries
(A, AA, AAA, etc)?  Radioshak does not at least at the locations I have

Finally - and I hope that people do not mind my questions - does anyone do
indoor composting?  I was told by a friend that did that it would be best to
use a cedar wood box because it helps kill the odors.  I have no means of
making one and can't find any cedar boxes of the size needed for indoor
compost.  I would greatly appreciate your guidance.  THANKS!

Andrew C. Weidmann
Special Education Teacher, Bedford Central School District

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