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I'm trying to help push for a housing development (that I would also be
interested in living in because it is inthe school district where I work) in
Westchester County, NY that would build "Energy Smart certified" houses,
provide a shuttle to the MetroNorth communter rail station (part of the New
York City public transportation system MTA), and preserve a great deal of
open space around the development.  Those who are leading the charge for the
development are getting denied any further discussion based on the fact that
neither of the municipalities abutting the development or that would govern
the area of the development want to allow sewering.  They are now seriously
considering other options for sewering, such as a "package" (?) or a sewage
treatment plant on site.  Does anyone have any "green" ideas for sewering
the development that I can pass on to them and/or have them further
research?  I think that William McDonough designed one of the Oberlin
College  buildings to take care of its own sewage treatment.


Andrew C. Weidmann
Bronx, NY 10470

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