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[GreenYes] Fwd: NGOs Analyze End of the World Summit

From: Michael Strauss <>
Date: Tue, 03 Sep 2002 20:14:06 -0400
NGO Press Conference TODAY

Survival or Disaster? 
NGOs Analyze End of the Summit

Wednesday, 4 September 2002
2:00 P.M.

U.N. Media Center
Sandton Convention Center
Johannesburg, South Africa 

Jennifer Morgan, Climate Director   WWF
Martin Khor, Director      Third World Network
Fred Kalibwani    PELUM [Kenya]
Andrew Hewett, executive Director   Oxfam International [Australia]
Jocelyn Dow, President     Women s Environment and Development Organization

As the Johannesburg Summit finally reaches its conclusion teetering between qualified success and outright failure several key issues have shaped the last few days debate.  Successes on the Kyoto Protocol and rejection of supremacy for the WTO helped bring the Summit back from the brink.  But even those limited gains were threatened by the lack of any meaningful commitments in the Summits draft Implementation Agenda.  The last-minute action, led by the U.S., to block corporate accountability further tarnished the record of the Summit.

Leaders of NGOs will react to the effectiveness of the entire Summit and its progress, or lack thereof, since Rio.  They will address these critical remaining issues:

 -- Renewable Energy Will the E.U. and G 77 move forward independently after the Summit to act on renewable energy targets and implementation that were blocked by the U.S.?

 -- Corporate Accountability The U.S. successfully attempted at the last minute to water-down the moderately effective provision on corporate behavior that had already been agreed.  What will be the effect?

 -- Agriculture and GMOs Will developing countries continue to resist the effort of U.S. agribusiness to impose genetically modified crops on their countries?

 -- Women s and Human Rights A few countries have been trying to block a key paragraph on health issues because of their fear that the language might somehow allow some countries to expand women s rights.  Will they succeed?

Michael Strauss    + 27 (0)83 750 8594; 082 858 4113
                      Michael Strauss, Director
                     for NGOs at the 2002 Summit
211 East 51st Street, 3C                    tel: 1 212 355-2122
New York, N.Y. 10022                      fax: 1 212 753-4804
           mobile in Jo'burg: 083 750-8594

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The advice, analyses and materials of the IMA Project are intended solely
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Gary Liss
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