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[GreenYes] Styrofoam Containers
Regarding Styrofoam Containers: I avoid any food that is packaged in
Styrofoam.  I've seen this kind of packaging used in the deli and
produce departments as well as the meat department.

A couple of weeks ago, I ate at a local restaurant and asked for a
doggy bag.  The waitress took my plate and returned with the remains of
my lunch in a large Styrofoam container.  I felt bad but did the right
thing by not sharing my feelings with the waitress.  The container was
already headed to the landfill and it wasn't her fault that the
restaurant decided to go with Styrofoam.  Fortunately, I don't eat out

In the future, I'll bring my own, reusable container to the restaurant
and hope they allow me to use it.  I'm aware that restaurants have
liability issues (food poisoning) and may balk at the thought of using
a container that has not been sanitized to their specifications.  I
still have my Styrofoam "doggy bag" and will re-use it 5 times before
sending it to the landfill.
Camille Armantrout
Makawao, HI

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