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Re: [GreenYes] Income/Tax Value vs Generation rates

My recollection is that one of the first researchers to examine the
relatiionship between household waste generation patterns and socio-economic
factors was William Rathje, the director of the University of Arizona's
Garbage Project.  This work was started around the early 1970's.  Some of
the findings from that work can be found in Rathje recent book "Rubbish! -
The Archaeology of Garbage" (University of Arizona Press, 2001).  The Web
site for the Garbage Project is:

Jeff Morris, in a separate message on this subject, is correct that Lisa
Skumatz's research did also touch on this issue as well.  For those who have
access to back issues of Resource Recycling, you can read about her findings
in "Beyond Case Studies: Quantiative Effects of Recycling and Variable Rate
Programs" (RR, September 1996, p. 62).  However, the website given in Dr.
Morris's for SERA is not correct.  The correct one is:

However, a word of warning to non-IE browser users - I believe the SERA site
was done using MS FrontPage so the site can't be viewed using any other
browser other than IE.

The Tellus Institute also has done work in examining how understanding
community socio-economic factors affect recycling set-out rates.  This work
is described nicely in their article in Resource Recycling "Increasing
Recovery at the Curb" (February 1996, p. 60).  Their finding, according this
article, was that household educational level was the most significant
predictive factor.  I am sure how well this finding has held up since 1996.
Their Web site, if you want to do any follow-up is:


Roger M. Guttentag
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Subject: [GreenYes] Income/Tax Value vs Generation rates

> Greenyesers,
> Is anyone aware of any studies comparing household income and/or property
tax value with waste generation rates?  Any primary research data,
directions or web links would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks.
> B. Wayne Turner
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> Utilities Division
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