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Re: [GreenYes] importance of recycling in these times

Steen, Terri wrote:
> So far I haven't been able to find any Internet resources that answer the
> question "how much petroleum do we use to make consumer plastics?"  (or
> words to that effect) and while I move on to "how much energy can we save
> recycling plastics, cans, and cardboard?" Is it a
> significant amount?  Does recycled plastic make a dent in this amount?  Do
> want to learn what "virgin resin" really is?

Hi Terri

The table below is taken from table 3, page xi from a report titled "Stage
Two Report for Life Cycle Assessment for Paper and Packaging Waste
Management Scenarios in Victoria", publ Jan 2001.  (That's Victoria,

Table 3: Embodied energy savings per kilogram in the production of recycled
product compared to an equivalent virgin product.
Prod	Recycled(MJ)	Virgin(MJ)	Savings
HDPE	15.5			75.2		79%
PET	19.7			81.2		76%
PVC	7.93			40.3		80%

1. In reference to the figures above the product is taken to the production
of HDPE granulate, PET granulate and PVC flake.
2. The full table also lists energy savings for glass, metals, newsprint

To download either a copy of the full report or the executive summary go to


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