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Re: [GreenYes] importance of recycling in these times
Steen, Terri 
> So far I haven't been able to find any Internet resources that answer the
> question "how much petroleum do we use to make consumer plastics?"  (or
> words to that effect) and while I move on to "how much energy can we save by
> recycling plastics, cans, and cardboard?" Is it a
> significant amount?  Does recycled plastic make a dent in this amount?  Do I
> want to learn what "virgin resin" really is?

Hullo Terri...

the only information I thought may help is some context issues, as the
volumes vary so much from place to place....

maybe one of the tacks you could take would be to speak of "closing the
loop" as we do when we speak of clean production... i.e. no end of pipe
to deal with in the first place, so this would include re-designing
products and processes, managing energy better, and ensuring that
products at the end of their useful life are still useful, albeit in
some other form, if not to replace the original....

other than shutting down some sustainable processes, the concomitant
benefits are far greater than any such loss - for example, in the EU, by
2010, 500 000 jobs will be created (including losses of jobs in fossil
fuel) and a further 350 000 jobs in export of renewable energy.... 
(Source: re world) 

don't you think there is something fundamentally wrong with the thinking
that any and all products have an automatic right to exist?

good luck with your writing... hope this helps a bit...

PS bless you for taking the time to do your bit at the Pentagon - I am
sure it is much appreciated!

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