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[GreenYes] Fwd:NCRA Intro to Recycling
Apologies for Cross Postings

>From: "Kara Gall" <>
>The Northern California Recycling Association Presents:
>Introduction to Recycling
>All the Basics: Terms, Concepts, Equipment, and Resources
>OCTOBER 17-18, 2001 (Wednesday & Thursday)
>8:30 AM - 5:00 PM
>5336 College Avenue at Hudson
>Two blocks north of Broadway and four blocks south of the Rockridge BART
>Station. 510-987-5017
>COST: $45 for all materials (lunch not included). Employees of the City of
>Oakland are admitted free. Please enclose a copy of your City of Oakland
>employee ID card.
>Register Online at
>The rapid growth of the recycling industry (115% since 1989; CIWMB estimate)
>means that experienced recyclers continually need to share their knowledge
>with newcomers so that they may move forward into responsible positions.
>Sometimes our own work is moving forward so fast that we may lack the time
>or the skills to provide needed training to newcomers. Thus, NCRA offers
>this course to help train people who would like a quick overview of
>recycling by presenting an inexpensive two-day course at a convenient
>The course is designed for newcomers to the recycling field and is an ideal
>orientation for many individuals such as: entry-level program assistants,
>interns, professionals from other fields, members of local advisory
>committees, city council members and staff, members of the board of
>supervisors, activists, solid waste handlers, recycling program mangers and
>Introductory Survey: What do you currently know about recycling
>Basic Terms: Three Rs, The IWM Hierarchy, and "To Discard or to Dispose"
>The roles of cycles in ecosystems and closing the materials loop
>How the materials cycle got broken
>How we recognized our shortcomings
>Conceptualizing the future: hierarchy
>The failure of recycling's competitors: landfills and incinerators
>Market share of competing ventures - how fast things change
>What's available for recycling: 12 categories
>How recycling works: drop-off, buyback, curbside
>Processing mixed materials vs. source-separated recycling
>The five types of material sorting/processing facilities
>Encouraging source separation-type recycling: the four policy options
>Five meanings of source reduction
>Three levels/types of recycling
>Market development and recycled product procurement
>Forming new ventures: the six areas of activity
>Recycling's role in climate change
>Hands-on demonstrations of basic market grades of materials: metal, glass,
>paper, plastic, wood, etc.
>Independent Learning: paper and video resources
>Registrant will be advised to consult Introduction to Recycling which will
>be posted on NCRA's web site, The majority of the
>presenters will be NCRA members working in the recycling field. Most of the
>classroom day will be spent listening to guest speakers and completing
>exercises designed to enhance the basic concepts in the field.
>Under the general leadership of Arthur Boone, NCRA's Educational
>Chairperson, a series of recycling industry leaders will address specific
>topics including: Steve Lautze on bottle bill legislation; Steve Sherman on
>financing ventures and composting; and Ruth Abbe on consulting in recycling.
>Other speakers to be determined.
>Register Online at

Gary Liss
Fax: 916-652-0485

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