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Re: [GreenYes] Environmental impact
   I am glad there is like minds here on alternative energy, even thou America is still only getting 1% from it.  I, an strong advocate of solar, realize that we will always use coal (the cleaner the better), oil, natural gas, and nuclear(aaahhg) until they are gone.  But if we nation are ready to be serious about it we need to interplan it Now, not when the oil starts to run dry, then it too late.  At this stage of the game solar will not replace using our natural resources (fossil fuels) because of the 1% but help extend it further into the future for our children's children to use and at the same time spread the pollution factor (which is unavoidable) over the longer time period.
   For some reason people do not get it.  They say solar is too expensive, but they are using up the natural resource at a very wasteful rate.  We will still need to use fossil fuels on those rainy days (while we collect rain water for home/garden use) and  those long cold winter nights in the north.  And thats the best time (only time) to use them.  But if we use it up now and wait until its gone (like the current attitude in America then 'force' ourselves on solar) what are we going to use for our forever growing society?  
   'A Solar Day Not Used Is an Energy Source Wasted'

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