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[GreenYes] energy supply
The kind posts responding to me lead me to two further suggestions:

Developing technologies for stand-alone facilities, an important, 
anti-terrorist strategy, is a promising path where renewable 
technologies will have advantages they often lack in places where the 
electic grid is the norm.

Countries (and special regions and places, like islands, e.g.) without 
the burden of such infra-structures as the grid or the US transportation 
system are places where developers of renewable technologies are gaining 
footholds with renewable technologies.  Insightful advocates of 
renewable technologies will ponder how to build on those cases.

Yet as a recyling community, I think we have to realize, as well, that 
US reliance on coal can change no faster than alternatives are on line 
to take the place of coal.  With the millions of tons we burn daily, 
that means continued reliance for a long time.  So do we want to promote 
alternative coal technologies that avoid NOXs and capture elemental 
sulphur as a byproduct?  I should think so.

Don Scherer

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