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[GreenYes] Consumerism and renewable energy
I'm not saying Americans should not go on a spending frenzy in order to 
appease other people and other governments elsewhere.  Our standard of living 
is the envy of the world.  I am saying Americans need to save more--money and 
resources.  I kind of disagree with an earlier posting by Muna.  I believe 
some countries ENVY the U.S.A., not necessarily HATE it.  Of course there is 
a fine line between envy and hate, but one look at our immigration patterns 
the last half century and I'm sure all will agree the world does not hate the 
U.S.--the world wants to live here.  

Further, we are a compassionate people.  Double it?  Visit a military grave 
site.  We've helped liberate Europe twice.  We've made 21st century freedoms 
in many countries possible by our sacrifices and blood shed during the last 
century.  We've given more money to other less fortunate countries than any 
other country in the history of man.

Do we feel the hatred of the "major part of the world?"  If so, we don't 
deserve that animosity.

Thank you and bless all.

John Waddell
KJWB Publications Inc./Refuse news  
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