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[GreenYes] WasteNot Software
We have received a few responses to our posting last week announcing the
availability of the WasteNot Assessment and Recommendation System software,
and the excellent questions subsequently posed by Roger Guttentag. I wish to
clarify a few things with regard to our software and services.

Ecology Action is not a software company, but a nonprofit education and
consulting agency in waste reduction and pollution prevention. Our primary
purpose in business waste reduction is to initiate and train teams of waste
auditors to implement assistance and measurement programs in their
communities, and secondarily to provide direct outreach to businesses here
in Northern California. The WasteNot software is, you might say, the
centerpiece of these services. It is a powerful tool, highly rated by its
users, that I have produced to facilitate and guide the processes of
business assistance and diversion measurement. All agencies to whom we
provide these services receive the software as part of the contract.

We have offered the WasteNot System commercially for jurisdictions and
consultants who would like to use this tool but do not require our services.
The pricing, at $999, is based on our intention to provide comprehensive
technical support to any and all customers, guaranteeing that this will be a
good investment. The time saved by not having to develop the analysis and
reporting capacity contained in this software would justify the cost many
times over.

I hope this sheds some light on what we have to offer, and that some of you
will find it useful to look into the trial version by visiting our web site

Click on "WasteNot Business Solutions."

Many Thanks -- Victor

Victor R. Aguiar
0 Waste Team Project Director
Ecology Action
P.O. Box 1188
Santa Cruz, CA 95061-1188
831-426-5925, Extension 13

There is no such thing as garbage.

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