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[GreenYes] WasteNot Software
Roger -- Thanks for your input and inquiry regarding the WasteNot Assessment
and Recommendation System. You make some great suggestions, and time
permitting, I will address them on our site.

The information you request is:

1. System requirements: Windows 95 or greater (also available for
Macintosh), any CPU or speed, 10MB free hard disk space (varies according to
number of businesses evaluated -- the installed application requires 5.5MB,
but grows as it is used), 8MB free RAM.

2. Download file is 2.5 MB -- I'll have to do some testing for estimated
download times.

3. The 30-day trial runs from the time you first open the application. The
application costs $999, and includes technical support. We have chosen not
to place the price on the web site to avoid deterring potential users before
they see what it does. The pricing is set to cover our cost for development
and anticipated technical support. For those wishing to avoid 'reinventing
the wheel' this is a good investment.

4. Adding an online manual would increase the download size beyond what is
reasonable. I, the author, am personally available for assistance in
evaluating the software. The interface is quite intuitive for those
experienced in waste management. The licensed version of the software
includes a 59 page manual and, as mentioned above, technical support. We
also offer training for teams and/or program administrators in business
waste reduction assistance and diversion measurement using the WasteNot

5. The licensed version is shipped on two floppy disks. Once we have
developed a market base for the application, we can justify the cost of CD
duplication for both licensed and trial versions. If someone needs the trial
on disk, I can provide that.

Again, more information and the downloadable trial are available at our web

> Dear Victor:
> Thanks for the message about the new software application described in your
> message below.  I would recommend that you place the following information
> on your website (as well as in a reply to this message):
> 1. Minimum and recommended PC system requirements: CPU type and speed, free
> hard disk space (including space for file swapping), RAM, Operating system,
> video card requirements (if any), any other system setup recommendations.
> 2. Size of download file and estimated download time based on different
> download bps (e.g. 28K, 42K, 52K)
> 3. Basis for start of 30 day trial (e.g. first access?). Cost of software
> after expiration of 30 day trial period.
> 4. Does the download include any kind of online manual for using the
> application?  What other forms of technical support, if any, will be
> available to users who choose to evaluate and ultimately retain this
> application.
> 5. Is the application available on any removable media (e.g. CD's) for those
> potential users who have problems downloading large files and are willing to
> pay a fee (e.g. $5 - $10 including S&H)?
> Sincerely,
> Roger M. Guttentag

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