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Re: [GreenYes] Business Waste Reduction Tools
Dear Victor:

Thanks for the message about the new software application described in your
message below.  I would recommend that you place the following information
on your website (as well as in a reply to this message):

1. Minimum and recommended PC system requirements: CPU type and speed, free
hard disk space (including space for file swapping), RAM, Operating system,
video card requirements (if any), any other system setup recommendations.

2. Size of download file and estimated download time based on different
download bps (e.g. 28K, 42K, 52K)

3. Basis for start of 30 day trial (e.g. first access?). Cost of software
after expiration of 30 day trial period.

4. Does the download include any kind of online manual for using the
application?  What other forms of technical support, if any, will be
available to users who choose to evaluate and ultimately retain this

5. Is the application available on any removable media (e.g. CD's) for those
potential users who have problems downloading large files and are willing to
pay a fee (e.g. $5 - $10 including S&H)?


Roger M. Guttentag
----- Original Message -----
From: Victor Aguiar <>
To: GreenYes <>
Sent: Tuesday, August 21, 2001 7:44 PM
Subject: [GreenYes] Business Waste Reduction Tools

> Ecology Action in Santa Cruz, California has placed a 30-day trial version
> of its WasteNot Assessment and Recommendation software on its web site at:
> This is software that has evolved over the last five years as we have used
> it for over 500 Industrial/Commercial/Institutional waste assessments,
> under municipal contract. It is a tool to use in providing business waste
> reduction assistance and measuring existing diversion (such as is required
> for documentation under California's AB939). With and without our
> several jurisdictions are now using this system to implement their own
> business assistance and diversion study programs.
> Municipal governments and consultants looking to reduce waste in this
> will want to check this out.
> Victor R. Aguiar
> 0 Waste Team Project Director
> Ecology Action
> P.O. Box 1188
> Santa Cruz, CA 95061-1188
> 831-426-5925, Extension 13
> There is no such thing as garbage.

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