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Re: [GreenYes] radioactive steel
BRING Recycling wrote:
> This is scary. The government has radioactive waste that it doesn't
> know what to do with, s Now they want us to
> construct buildings with it - making us shelter ourselves in it.
> What's next?

glow in the dark toasters! *grin* but not totally unserious - scrap does
get turned into household products, where specs are not as tight as,
say, motor vehicles, etc..

> Is an exposure of .1 millirem per year from our buildings safe when
> added to whatever from our food added to emissions from electronics
> added to etc. etc.??  It seems to be an experiment and we are all the
> guinea pigs.

we are of the opinion, based on our research, that as many as 1 in 4
cancers stem from the background radiation we all receive... so any
additional dose is unwarranted...

> What I'd like to know is: Are they looking at the cummulative effects
> of these (potential) exposures when declaring them safe? 

no - that is impossible to do, as we are all subject to different levels
depending on where we are... our lifestyle, X rays etc...

>Can they
> determine how these doses of radioactivity effect us in conjuction
> with other contaminants in our diet/atmosphere/environment?

It is possible - but it will not be done, as it will show that the
cumulative effect is dangerous, and the precautionary principle should
kick in, stopping them from doing this...
> In the meantime, if people want to live in radioactive buildings and
> eat radioactive food, that is there business. I don't, and I would
> like to know when I am being exposed to potential health risks.

hear hear...


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