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[GreenYes] Website Update
Web Administration Duties...
For less than ten minutes right after midnight eastern
tonight, I will be doing web admin stuff.
The GreenYes list will not send or receive during
this time. Also the website may be temporarily
turned off at this time. In order that you
don't receive any bounces, please do not send
anything to Bill or me *or the list* until about 1:30.
(Hey, take a break. We know zero waste 
keeps you up late too. ;-)

Front Page Clean Up
Prior to major changes, we thought 
it would be a good idea to clean 
up the homepage so it looks more 
cohesive. Check out the new look! 
Deeper overall structural changes 
in the site will be happening 
throughout the remainder 
of the summer.  

How the Waste Industry Really 
Sees Recycling: As Lost Profit!
A revolution in waste reduction 
or a threat to waste commerce? Read 
what industry pundits have been saying...  

Recyclers Call On Salt Lake 
Olympics To Separate Recycling 
From Trash Cautions Calling 
Planned System 'Zero Waste'
Leading recyclers applaud the 
Salt Lake Olympics Committee
(SLOC) for adopting a goal of 
Zero Waste for the Winter 2002 
Games, but caution against using 
the term to describe the 
currently planned system...  

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