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[GreenYes] A Back-To-The -Land Bin, A Problem Bin, A Recyclables Bin
Re Glen's . ..
(Quoted)" I have a "Misc Plastic" bin that I
> collect those items that are not recycled at the
> moment, like the dental floss container, hard plastic
> packaging and bottle tops...etc.  Collecting this
> stuff serves as constant reminder of the convenience
> habits that I still maintain and that, I am
> responsible for that which I "consume".(End quote).
How about a three bin system for suburban situations - a recyclables bin, a "back-to-the land" bin, and a "problem bin"??
Imagine the subtle change in awareness and behaviour with the constant reinforcement of putting things in the problem bin.
(We are fortunate in Sydney, Australia, in having virtually universal kerbside pick up of recyclables.
And a reasonable penetration of separate green or garden organics collections. But we still throw heaps of our valuable organic material into the garbage.)
Annie Kavanagh
Project Officer
Northern Sydney Waste Board
Ph: 02 9428 5673
Fax: 02 9428 5674
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